Extended Abstracts

Plenary Talk and Keynotes

Extended Abstracts (in order of presentation)

  1. Characterization of Nanostructure-Supported Evaporation under a Growing Bubble (S. Ridwan, Drexel University)
  2. Flow boiling of HFE-7100 in Multi-Microchannels: Aspect Ratio Effect (T. Karayiannis, Brunel University London)
  3. Condensation Diffusion Boundary Layer Mixing by Jumping Droplet Condensation (L. Li, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  4. Contact Angle Dynamics during the Evaporation of Water from Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Graphene Surfaces (P. Chakraborty, Kansas State University)
  5. Experimental Study of Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Microgaps with Variable Power and Area Densities (L. Lorenzini, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  6. Anti-Icing Meter Scale Superhydrophobic Heat Exchangers (K. Boyina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  7. De-Wetting and Condensate Removal from Ambiphilic Microchannels (R. Winter, Drexel University)
  8. Heat transfer enhancement by oscillatory baffled flows (R. Law, Newcastle University)
  9. Distribution of Saturated Refrigerants in Microchannel Heat Exchanger Headers (A. Mahvi, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  10. Micro-mixing performance of mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors (J. McDonough, Newcastle University)
  11. Study of droplet formation in microchannels using the two-colour PIV technique (E. Roumpea, University College London)
  12. Micro- and Nanostructures Role on Enhancement of Surface Heat Transfer in Microchannel Flow Boiling Process (S. Moghaddam, University of Florida)
  13. Flow Regime Mapping of Small-Scale Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds (J. McDonough, Newcastle University)
  14. Particle separation in small cross-section spiral microchannels using weakly developed Dean flows (G. Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  15. Enhanced dropwise condensation on a hydrophilic-slippery surface with small contact angle and small sliding angle (L. Guo, Xi'an Jiaotong University)
  16. Microscale Single Phase Cooling Techniques for Durable Electronic Packages (D. Pahinkar, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  17. SAW-Pirani vacuum sensor with extended range and sensitivity (S. Toto, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  18. Comparison of Experimental and Computational Heat Transfer Characterization of Water Jet Impingement Array with Interspersed Fluid Extraction (T. Bandhauer, Colorado State University)
  19. An Optimization Study on Thermal Energy Harvesting from Micro Cavitating Flows (A. Kosar, Sabanci University)
  20. Computational study of a novel Knudsen pump design exploiting drilling and 3D printing techniques in low thermal conductivity materials (G. LĂłpez Quesada, INSA Toulouse)
  21. Time-resolved Characterization of Unsteady Microscale Flows (S. Zhang, University College London)
  22. All in One - Advanced technologies for complex low cost microfluidic devices in glass, silicon and quartz (K. Kadel, Little Things Factory)
  23. The effect of curvature angle on mixing efficiency in curvilinear microchannels (A. Kosar, Sabanci University)
  24. Ferrohydrodynamic Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells (L. Mao, University of Georgia)
  25. Microfluidics to Relate Cell Biophysical Properties to Cell Functional Properties (T. Sulchek, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  26. Ultrafast microfluidic cell compression for intracellular macromolecule delivery (A. Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  27. A Microfluidic Platform for Single-Step Isolation and Mechanotyping of Ovarian Cancer Cells from Patient Samples (N. Stone, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  28. Temperature Swing Adsorption Processes for Gas Separation (D. Pahinkar, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  29. Characteristics of pressure drop instability in microchannel cooling system (Q. Jin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  30. Surface structure enhanced microchannel flow boiling of HFE-7000 (J. Sircar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  31. Advanced CFD methodology to investigate heat exchanger performance and experimental validation of a reduced model for a micro-CHP application (J. Joseph, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  32. Experimental Investigation of Condensation Phenomenon on Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Titanium (Ti) Pillared Glass Surfaces (M. Haque, Kansas State University)
  33. Fluid dynamics and thermal analysis of different Micro-Cells geometries (M. Spizzichino, University La Sapienza)
  34. Buoyancy Influenced Heat Transfer Performance of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Microchannel Heat Exchangers—Horizontal Flow Configuration (S. Jajja, Oregon State University)
  35. Heat Transfer Performance of Heated Upward Turbulent Supercritical CO2 Flow in a Microchannel: A Numerical Study (M. Nabil, The Pennsylvania State University)
  36. Heat Transfer Enhancement in Liquids Using Self-Propelled Particles (J. Moran, George Mason University)
  37. Numerical simulation of liquid-liquid slug flow in a square microchannel of cross-shaped junction (R. Filimonov, Lappeenranta University of Technology)
  38. The effect of gas-phase transport on buoyancy-Marangoni convection in confined volatile binary fluids (T. Qin, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  39. Characterizing Evaporation of a Sessile Droplet using Quartz Crystal Microbalance (B. Murray, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  40. Investigating Rocks Permeability from Network Modelling to Direct Simulation (M. Tembely, Khalifa University)
  41. Mass Transfer Enhancement of Nanofluids in a Closed System (S. Kim, Korea University)
  42. Nanodiamond nanofluids: Microstructural analysis and heat transfer study (E. Languri, Tennessee Tech University)
  43. Thermal-Hydraulic Property of SiO2 - Ethylene Glycol/Water Nanofluid (S. Hashimoto, Toyota Central R&D Labs)
  44. Visualization experiment of supercooled water in a microchannel using near infrared absorption imaging technique (T. Yamada, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  45. Development of Viscosity Measurement Technique in Microchannel Using Fluorescence Polarization Method (T. Nakagawa, Kyoto University)
  46. Acoustic platform for nanoscale molecular synthesis and detection (M. Binkley, Washington University in Saint Louis)
  47. Evaluation of Particle Motion Characteristics in Microchannel Flow Alignment System with Ladder-type Electrodes (A. Noma, Kyoto University)
  48. Soft Lithography Replication of Bioinspired G. dalenii Surface for Condensation, Fog Harvesting and Microfluidic Applications (D. Orejon, Kyushu University)
  49. Condensation Limits on Biphilic Surfaces (M. Kim, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  50. The Role of Surface Wettability on Dropwise Condensation (H. Cha, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  51. Competition Between Wicking and Evaporation in Structure-Enhanced Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux (H. Hu, Purdue University)
  52. Nanoparticle Diffusion in Microvessels (Z. Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  53. Modeling collective biophysical behavior of platelets in blood clotting (Y. Sun, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  54. Cross-stream inertial migration of rigid microparticles in a pressure-driven flow of a power-law fluid (F. Chrit, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  55. Investigation of Lymphatic Valve and Vessel Operation via Computational Modeling (K. Wolf, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  56. Interfacial Heat Transfer Measurements during Flow Boiling in a PDMS Rectangular Microchannel (S. Korniliou, Brunel University London)
  57. Two-Phase Flow in Plain and Enhanced Narrow Gaps: Pressure Drop and Interfacial Area Density Trends (A. Rattner, The Pennsylvania State University)
  58. Passively Regulate Two-Phase Flow Patterns of Flow Boiling in Microchannels (C. Li, University of South Carolina)
  59. Droplet Growth Kinetics During Dropwise Condensation (J. Carpenter, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  60. Nanoparticle Transport in Microvascular Bifurcations (Z. Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  61. Velocity, hematocrit and aggregation characteristics of stiffened erythrocytes in microflow (A. Passos, University College London)
  62. Particle and Red Blood Cell Concentration Distributions in Narrow Microchannel Flows with Wall Effects (K. Tatsumi, Kyoto University)
  63. Arterial Thrombosis Microfluidics: Control of the Third Dimension by Grayscale Lithography (M. Griffin, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  64. Controlling the Conformational Changes of vWF in Shear Flow with Charged Nanoparticles (Y. Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  65. (Not presented) Evaporation, boiling and Leidenfrost effect on new surfaces of thermal interface materials based on monodisperse microspheres and carbon micro-nanocomponents (A. Dmitriev, Moscow Power Engineering Institute)